Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stirring up Trouble.

By Juli Alexander

Three Lemons- Lemonada

Rating: Only kissing

Synopsis: Zoe, a confused teenage witch, falls for her best friend's ex, putting their friendship in dangerous territory. But Zoe is intent on saving their friendship, all while trying to find a replacment for toad slime, though nothing is working. Then her friend's ex, Jake, and her go to the movies, where they end up kissing. Until her friend and ex-girlfriend of Jake, Anya, sees them, that is. Anya tells her she can't have him, though they have broken up. Then it gets even worse, Jake's mom is dating her dad!

Jake and Zoe fall for each other, but plan to keep it a secret. However, Zoe's dad finds out and gets super mad. Halloween swings around and Jake decides to throw a halloween party, but Jake doesn't know she's a witch and that on halloween her powers are out of control. What's a witch to do? Then her hot, magical guy friend shows up to spend the week with her, just in time for the party. Crazy things happen at the party and the consequences are almost unbearable.

Review: I liked the book, though some of the characters seemed a little one-note, such as Anya, who sometimes appeared to have no other personality other than boy-crazy and rude (but hey, I know girls like that). Jake as well seemed little like just a pretty face. Though I did think the book was cute, as well as simple enough that you can use it as a quick read, without having to wrap your mind around five different plot-lines. I would recommend it for both younger and older kids. One of my favorite parts of the book was where Anya sees Jake and Zoe kissing and flips out. I also liked Jake's reaction to how good-looking Milo was. There were a few parts that could have used a little work, but it was still a great book. I will hope to read the second.

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