Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Friday Society

Rating: Swearing and kissing, I guess, but only in minor quantities.
4 Lemons- Lemon ice
Summary: In an alternate steampunk past, three girls work as assistants to powerful London society men. Mainly they're ignored, seen as ornaments rather then thinking, you know, people. But, as these things often happen, they keep running into each other, as well as the dead bodies in a string of connected murders. There's (and yes, I'm doing the listing format a lot now. It's useful when describing several characters.) :
-Cora, who works for Lord White who when he's not working in parliament is a inventor of deranged weapons, a former flower seller with a nasty temper,
-Nellie the flirty magicians assistant who can pick any lock and scale any building,
-And finally Michiko an immigrant from Japan who has no choice but to work for her horrible boss in a job because it's the only way she'll be allowed to fight.
So it's up to these intrepid three to save the day, have some fun, and kick some serious-
Review: Okay, I'll admit. I'm biased. It's a steampunk book! So if you're not in the mood for gadgets, goggles, and gizmos, though I know almost no one who isn't, you might like this book slightly less. The characters are varied and each of the girls has a distinctly different personality rather then the sadly prominent cookie-cutter generic brand to satisfy all, which ends up leaving everyone feeling 'meh'. Also, it's funny so there's that too. Once again, unfortunately, my favorite part was something that will ruin the book if I say it... so... twiddling our thumbs here. Okay, it was kind of annoying how all of them were constantly described as being pretty. Yes, that probably got you places in London society, yes, it's a fantasy, yes, I'm all for a positive body image, yes it makes sense in Nellies case, but I'd like more books where the heroine either a) just, you know, isn't described as either ugly or pretty and I bring up the ugly thing because dear Lord (Note: Doesn't happen in this book, another positive thing) if I read b) the hero tell her she's ever so pretty and it turns out she's secretly the most beautiful thing in the world ever.
Okay. Off topic. This is a good book, if with minor faults and I suggest trying it.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Rating: Swearing
3.5 – Um... Like melted lemon ice mixed with Lemonada? That doesn't really sound good, but it is in book form.
Summary: In the far off future Service Bringers live in ELs, or Endless Libraries, where they roam without purpose and read the banned books that line the shelves. The story follows four teenagers (and someone else) and their quest to escape.
Lilly, who wants to feel like a real person and not just some mindless slave.
Sam, who is probably insane (and without a doubt Lemon's favorite character) and is desperate to escape, no matter what.
Dolores, the youngest kid in the group, remembering what happened as an old woman on her deathbed.
And finally Virginia, who is the only one with memories about the world outside the library and who possibly knows more then she's writing down.
This story is interestingly told through interviews, journal entries, and letters from the future.
Review: This story is only about 10,000 words, putting it in the short story category, but it's one heck of a ride. Alright, sadly one of my biggest enjoyments out of this was something I can't talk about (“Spoilers, darling”) but the story is good without that. While I admit my favorite character, as mentioned earlier, is Sam there are some other good ones in there. And I might be biased to crazy people who scream at books... not that I'm one of those people or anything. It has some great moments of comedy and some actual drama to, sometimes within a hundred words of each other. This books small faults stem mainly from hints, namely that infuriating feeling where you're trying to figure out a puzzle and two of the corner pieces are missing. The set up is great, the middle lags a bit, and the ending requires some though and tracing back the clues. Another thing is that some things aren't explained too much, but they're a minor part of the plot so it doesn't affect the overall story. All in all, a great way to pass winter break as you try to figure out what's outside the library.

We're Not Dead!

Okay, this isn't a review, it's sort of a prequel thing. Lots has happened since we last updated, not the least of which was Lemon switching schools and doing Nanowrimo (and failing at doing so). A review will be up shortly, but we want to take this chance to apologize to anyone who emailed us. We haven't checked it in forever and will soon be doing the Great Unearthing. So please don't be mad!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Rating: Swearing, foreplay, underage drinking
4 lemons- Lemon ice
Summary: Adam wants to live a normal life, but being the lead guitarist for Jamieson gets in the way of that. When an extended break comes up in the schedule, he doesn't hesitate to go to a photography camp, even though it requires him lying about who he is.
Marti's father is a hard-living rock star who wasn't able to take care of her, leading her to live with her grandmother. She hates pretty much all musicians and refuses to let herself play piano because it reminds her of him. When she meets Adam at camp, sparks fly. However, when she finds out his secret she's angry. Furious, in fact. But when something happens that turns he life around completely, she might need Adam more then she suspects.
Review: This book's strongest points were when it came to the main characters. Even the actions that weren't exactly the smartest made sense from the point of view. Marti grew and changed, though one of the few annoying parts of the book was how she hated rock stars (mainly her father) like the plague and, because of that, most of the romantic tension is how much she believes all rockers suck and refuses to believe Adam is an exception. Another minor annoyance was the oldest brother in the band and how he continued to not have a heart. But he's one of the main villain's, so what can you do? It was fun to see the characters from the previous book and the ending was truly happy as well as unexpected. I laughed, I felt bad for the characters and I didn't see plot twists coming from a mile away. This series is definitely on my list of ones to stalk for new releases.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Rock and a Hard Place

Rating: Swearing, drugs (no drug use)

4 Lemons- Lemon ice

Summary: Libby's life is one horrible accident after another. First her mother and sister die. Then her depressive dad abandons her to his sister-in-law, who refuses for her to have contact with her peers. She's pretty much fine living as a recluse (or at least tells herself she's fine) whose closest sorta-friend is the guidance counselor at her school, until one day she meets Peter. All she knows is that he's in a band, lives on a bus for some reason and is the sanest-slash-cutest thing in her life. What she doesn't know is that he's in the famous boy band Jamieson and is on tour with his brothers and parents. Both of them use the other as an anchor. However, forces (such as Libby's crazy aunt and Peter's controlling brother) end up separating the two. Worse yet Libby loses her aunt too and has to move again, meaning that Peter and her missing father are stripped of any possibility of finding her.

Review: This book was good in how it made me care about the characters. Everyone in the book was rounded out, making up for the sometimes all-out evilness of the villains (though I can attest that some people are completely evil). It also accepted the real world, not what I call Romance Novel Real Life. This is where the book sort've just gives up and screams “Okay! We've got a happily ever after no matter the logical fallacies!” That was pretty much my only fear of the book (second to 'like that disney movie?', which it wasn't). The side characters were compelling and Libby really grows through the story, going from a introvert girl who doesn't question her aunts rules and dreams of being whisked away to someone who realizes she can't just rely on others to support her. Both the main characters make choices that leave the audience going “why?”, but they're in love so they're liable to do stupid stuff.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Three lemons: Lemonada

Rating: Swearing, some violence

Synopsis: Cicely has been in love with her best friend Ander for what seems like forever. What she doesn't know is that Ander's a werewolf, who likes her back but can't actually express his feelings without the risk of accidentally turning into a wolf. She also doesn't know that she's the last remaining descendant of a witch who cursed vampires with mortality, which they want taken away. The spell can only be removed if she is killed in a special ritual. However, the vampire who's sent to rescue her is the still-heart-broken guy who was her ancestor's old beau. He's decided to break her heart before breaking her body. So, after a failed first date with Ander (he never showed up and may have accidentally put her mom in the hospital) in comes Luke. Handsome, smart and knows lines from Romeo and Juliet. He's literally perfect-guy incarnate. He also happens to be stalking her. So, as halloween approaches, Cicely's going to have to face Hunters, vamps and even some growling wolves, not to mention two guys who like her who are in a constant state of arguing.

Review: This book was good in how it tackled the whole preexisting-monster thing. It's not Twilight 2.0 and it doesn't make vampires and werewolves hate each other (where did that even come from, Underworld?). The male leads have reasons to dislike the romantic rival. When it does introduce new concepts to the classic myths, it does it with more delicacy then a sparkly vampire. You saw the story from multiple points of view, instead of just one person, which really helped move the story forward. The side characters were just as interesting as the mains, not just resorting to stereotypes. Also, it mentions a blood bar (where the waitresses are the drinks) and that might have been my favorite part of the book. It might be a little fast-paced during the end but it promises some interesting twists and turns that you won't see coming.