Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ashlyn's Radio

5 Lemons- Best Meringue Pie You Ever Had.
Rating- Making out, talk of sex, some swearing and scariness! (Ahhh!)
Summary: In the stupid small town of Prescott Junction, Ashlyn Caverhill is to spend her last year of high school with her grandmother. She has to abandon Toronto, where she’s lived all her life and her friends. All because her mom’s a wacko. Prescott Junction is starting out to be really boring. The train doesn’t run through anymore. But if that’s true, why do you hear it at night? No one knows because in Prescott Junction, people stay in bed. There’s also that song. The song that will stick in your head for like three hours after reading the book.Also, a cute guy who provides instant love interest (just add heroine). Also there is Rachel, who is goth without having a secret wisdom.
Review: I don’t like scary books that much. It stems from me being a wimp. I liked this book though. And not because it skimmed out on the scary stuff. Trust me, I was sorta terrified when I stopped reading half-way through (...because it was 9:30, pitch black in my room and a thunder storm started the moment I turned my iPod touch off). I’m not sure if there’s anything that count as out-right “sexual content”, mainly just talk of wanting to have sex. Ashlyn didn’t come off as whiny, which sometimes happens when there’s a girl whose moved away from home (As someone who has moved several times in their life-span I can easily state that it’s not the end of the world). The characters were good and I wanted to know the answers to mysteries that draw themselves to Prescott Junction like moths to a light. A nice book for when you’re at home sick with a cold.

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