Friday, March 9, 2012

The Summoning

4 Lemons- Lemon Ice
Rating: Swearing and mild violence
Summary: Chthonic City is being tormented by demons. It almost makes sense, Chthonic meaning underworld. To fight back against the demons a man (just call him the Guardian) assembles a unit of teens called Gatekeepers. There are groups like this all over the world, but this is the youngest yet. Here’s the team:
Janna: Janna sees disguised demons on the street, at the mall and in math class. When she started telling people what she saw she was put in a mental hospital and put on medication that made it worse. Once released at school she’s avoided and called Crazy Janna Pelky. Because of this she prefers to hide from people in her big black coat. However, killing demons is a drug to her and she’s addicted.
Claire: Claire is a college student who sees the demons in her dreams. Believing they stand for things like pollution and war, she protests often, not having time for much of a social life. In some ways she’s the opposite of Janna. Up top she’s confident and self-assured and below she’s well, terrified.
Galen: Galen (whose name I had to check more times to spell then Chthonic) is mysterious and knows about the demons from thing he draws and writes while he sleeps. His eyes are distractingly blue and the demons have taken a fascination with him for some reason...
Darren: Darren sees visions of demons that come randomly and leave him temporarily catatonic. He draws them and gets them as tattoos, until eventually they come and go of their own accord. He has the least natural talent, but can kick butt second only to Janna.
Review: This book was good. Good, and scared the kids in my class when I told them I was I was reading a book called The Summoning and that it was about demons. If you’ve ever had half the class think you’re goth you’ll understand how awesome that is. Not that is an actual goth-type book, of course. Also, Janna Pelky is awesome and a character type (shy and bad-a**) that I hope to see more of. None of the fighting scenes were Hunger Games level description, which my weak stomach is thankful for. The book might have not made my favorites list, but I’ll be looking for the rest of the series.

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