Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dream Chaser

Rating: Underage drinking, making out, swearing
Four lemons: Lemon ice.
Summary: After a cheerleading accident (a fall from about twenty feet. Yikes!) Willow is terrified, no, petrified of heights. Unable to do the simplest of tricks, she quits the team. This motion is met with a ‘heck no!’ by pretty much all the school. Willow was the daredevil who did the biggest tricks that won them all the competitions that brought money to the school. The only people who seem at all pleased with her quitting is her old dance teacher, Miss Ginny, and her music teacher. Both want her to try out for a musical, Dream Chaser. Eager for a way to get an official excuse for quitting cheer (and maybe, just maybe, some new friends) Willow tries out. It turns out to be a steeper price then expected. Especially since instead of getting the chorus role she was looking for, she gets the female lead. Which means on top of dancing practice (of which there is much) she faces singing lessons and, worse yet, has to act in love with her former best friend. Former should be exaggerated, as often once you accidentally kiss them, the friendship thing often goes down the toilet….
Review: When I say you’re getting your money’s worth on this book, I’m right on two counts (other then generally always-rightness). Not only is it just a plainly good book, it’s long enough to keep your interest. One of the good things is how at the beginning of the book, never having read a description, I thought it was a book about cheerleading and didn’t care. I’m not exactly the biggest sports fan, which goes over into cheerleading (mainly due to jealousy that I can’t do the cool tricks). Then the musical part hit and I ended up reading the book under the dinner table. So yeah.A nice bonus is if you live/have lived in Madison WI it’s sorta awesome seeing high school names and places you’ve gone. Also, Tyson is awesome.

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