Sunday, July 8, 2012


Rating: Swearing, foreplay, underage drinking
4 lemons- Lemon ice
Summary: Adam wants to live a normal life, but being the lead guitarist for Jamieson gets in the way of that. When an extended break comes up in the schedule, he doesn't hesitate to go to a photography camp, even though it requires him lying about who he is.
Marti's father is a hard-living rock star who wasn't able to take care of her, leading her to live with her grandmother. She hates pretty much all musicians and refuses to let herself play piano because it reminds her of him. When she meets Adam at camp, sparks fly. However, when she finds out his secret she's angry. Furious, in fact. But when something happens that turns he life around completely, she might need Adam more then she suspects.
Review: This book's strongest points were when it came to the main characters. Even the actions that weren't exactly the smartest made sense from the point of view. Marti grew and changed, though one of the few annoying parts of the book was how she hated rock stars (mainly her father) like the plague and, because of that, most of the romantic tension is how much she believes all rockers suck and refuses to believe Adam is an exception. Another minor annoyance was the oldest brother in the band and how he continued to not have a heart. But he's one of the main villain's, so what can you do? It was fun to see the characters from the previous book and the ending was truly happy as well as unexpected. I laughed, I felt bad for the characters and I didn't see plot twists coming from a mile away. This series is definitely on my list of ones to stalk for new releases.

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