Monday, April 9, 2012

Rock and a Hard Place

Rating: Swearing, drugs (no drug use)

4 Lemons- Lemon ice

Summary: Libby's life is one horrible accident after another. First her mother and sister die. Then her depressive dad abandons her to his sister-in-law, who refuses for her to have contact with her peers. She's pretty much fine living as a recluse (or at least tells herself she's fine) whose closest sorta-friend is the guidance counselor at her school, until one day she meets Peter. All she knows is that he's in a band, lives on a bus for some reason and is the sanest-slash-cutest thing in her life. What she doesn't know is that he's in the famous boy band Jamieson and is on tour with his brothers and parents. Both of them use the other as an anchor. However, forces (such as Libby's crazy aunt and Peter's controlling brother) end up separating the two. Worse yet Libby loses her aunt too and has to move again, meaning that Peter and her missing father are stripped of any possibility of finding her.

Review: This book was good in how it made me care about the characters. Everyone in the book was rounded out, making up for the sometimes all-out evilness of the villains (though I can attest that some people are completely evil). It also accepted the real world, not what I call Romance Novel Real Life. This is where the book sort've just gives up and screams “Okay! We've got a happily ever after no matter the logical fallacies!” That was pretty much my only fear of the book (second to 'like that disney movie?', which it wasn't). The side characters were compelling and Libby really grows through the story, going from a introvert girl who doesn't question her aunts rules and dreams of being whisked away to someone who realizes she can't just rely on others to support her. Both the main characters make choices that leave the audience going “why?”, but they're in love so they're liable to do stupid stuff.

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